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A Nation's Corner Stone

Did you know that the US economy comprises more than 99% of small businesses, accounting for 65% of new jobs, according to the Small Business Administration (SBA)? Due to the enormous footprint American entrepreneurs create, small businesses are truly invaluable to our nation. October is a great month to recognize the importance of this sector in shaping our marketplace and generating opportunities for dreamers and visionaries among us.

Welcome to National Women's Small Business Month! Yearly, October is set aside to recognize the innumerable achievements of our country's female entrepreneurs. We celebrate women who paved a path for others and positively impacted our economy. It is because of the bold and daring women who have gone before us why THuS Marketing is here! Thank you!

Thank you, Elizabeth Arden, whose humbled beginnings found her behind a cosmetic counter leading her to start her global beauty empire. That empire began with a small cosmetic company in 1914, which morphed into famous salons operating worldwide. Many still open for business today.

Thank you, Oprah Winfrey. Today she is a media-mogul, but she started her career as a young journalist seeking to break through the competitive Chicago media market. Oprah braved a struggling AM radio show, and before long, she took that show to top ratings. That journey propelled her to TV Stardom and history. Nine years after its ending, The Oprah Winfrey Show is still the most successful show in daytime television.

Thank you, Heidi Parsont, President and CEO of Torchlight Hire, a Washington, DC area's top marketing recruitment agency. Founded in 2012, Heidi has taken a small recruiting match-making dream and cultivated a robust and continuously expanding hiring experience. Year-after-year Torchlight is recognized as "A Top Best Place to Work" and one of American's fastest-growing private companies. Talk about creating opportunities.

According to the SBA, out of the 30.2 million small businesses, 11.6 million are women-owned. What does this mean? Females drive almost 40% of all small businesses! This growth is a huge deal. There were only 402,000 women business owners in 1972, and now we are nearing the halfway point. This achievement is no small feat! We're talking, sweat, tears, perseverance, hustle, and heart.

These elements magnify during perilous times, like what we are experiencing today. There are more tears, more sweat, more heart, and more hustle required. For every article that presents the bleak numbers of another fellow business owner closing their doors permanently, that much more perseverance comes into play. With each unemployment report that only continues to confirm the uncertainty, we must amp up our grit and determination. Ladies, we have to, with no excuses or apologies, determine from the start to be UNSTOPPABLE!

At THuS Marketing, we not only recognize what it takes but live it daily. We are in the trenches with our sisters in business arms. We're truly blessed to stand and proceed forward in the work that we do. In that, we understand the importance of marketing in any business climate, whether big or small. This realization is our strong suit.

As more and more companies in our own backyard have reached out for support, we decided it was time to answer the call. Yes, we're small, but if the women entrepreneurs behind us have taught us anything, it is, small can be mighty!

Learn more about how our packages created for our small business community crafted just for us!

Together, let's create roads of opportunity for anyone who wants it and can taste it.


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