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Leave No Team Member Behind

We are mere weeks away from seeing athletes sore to new heights and achieve the unachievable. The timeless elements that we all know and love awaits.

  • Athletes breaking recordscheck.

  • International competitioncheck.

  • Watching our country bring home the gold—let's hope!

As we count down the days until the opening ceremony, our anticipation for what is to come only grew as we followed the Olympic trials these past few weeks. Already, these athletes have done what the rest of us only dream of and been where we all wish we could go. And they are not finished yet. They see no cap on success and instead only a formula that can help propel them even higher.

That leaves us wondering, what is involved in this equation of creating a successful team? While there are various ingredients, one component has stood out since the inception of institutionalized sports with the first Olympic Games in Ancient Greece, around 776 BCE. Leadership.

Official or not, every team, friend group, organization, and business has at least one leader. In some cases, there are multiple leaders who each fulfill a different need for the team. Every person in a leadership role plays a part in steering the team. Effective leaders help keep a team on track, while poor leadership can cause a collective group of champions to crash.

This point was driven home by a 2017 graphic titled boss versus leader. In this carefully crafted image, there is a clear distinction. On the one hand, you have the boss barking commands and expecting their employees to pull the organization to success. On the other, you have the leader supporting the workers and driving the organization towards their goals.

True leaders are not afraid of seeing their team succeed. Instead, they thrive on witnessing this. Leaders know that no one can be left behind if the team is going to succeed.

Iconic leader and trailblazer Simone Biles exemplifies this mindset. She's known as one of the top gymnasts, but that did not stop Simone from shining the spotlight and cheering along with her fellow athletes at the Olympic trials. Her relationship with Jordan Chiles, in particular, made headlines and went viral on social media. Chiles was close to leaving gymnastics, but with the support of her family, friends, and Simone, she stuck with it and placed third in the trials.

Even as they were competing at the trials, the two athletes held nothing but admiration for each other. After making the team, cameras captured a heartwarming hug between the two as Simone declared how proud she was of Jordan.

Leaders, while it is unlikely that we will ever reach her gymnastic heights, we should all strive to lead like Simone. Supporting your team and helping them reach their full potential is the best way to see your organization achieve all its goals.


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