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Tailor Made

Health matters. Health is why the trillion-dollar medical industry exists and continues to strive forward. Without optimal health, our lives become complicated and bogged down. Who has time for that?

It used to be that discussing health issues was taboo, that we should hide our health problems from the public, and even ignore them in our private lives. We've seen a movement away from this traditional standard. People are more open to exchanging thoughts and ideas surrounding the challenges of maintaining our health.

The Spectrum Health Beat blog is an award-winning content producer that is moving people to share their inspiring medical stories. This blog also delivers on the latest news and research regarding relevant topics about health today. Spectrum Health received the first place blog award from PR Daily's Nonprofit PR Awards. Not only do they deliver high-quality content, but their reach is substantial. They have 15 million people a month engaged in spending as much as 22 minutes on their stories. It's easy to understand why this medical blog continues to be recognized for its impact.

What is the magical cure here for becoming a content king like Spectrum Health Beat?

Custom content stands out as a differentiator, especially when coupled with thorough research and development. Promoting your content to the people who are genuinely interested in listening is indispensable. Health Beat allows subscribers to customize their e-newsletters to the topics they will read. It's a "cut to the chase" way of doing content engagement. And in today's world where time is precious, it makes sense that this works so well.

The best way to segment your email audience is to get their specified interests when they sign-up to receive your content. You can do this by asking them to check off every topic that applies to their interests. For segmenting your current subscribers, send out a survey to narrow in on what each one is specifically seeking. Then from there, be sure to send content that is tailored to them. This extra step goes a long way in showing your readers you care about their time and appreciate their loyalty.

The same theory applies to social media. Users pay attention to the content that matters to them and quickly scrolls past what doesn't. Knowing how to segment and target certain audiences based on their age, demographics, and interests will produce better results and quality ROI for time spent on social media marketing. Thankfully, social media management tools are optimized to do so.

As our world continues to move towards tailored everything, content marketing has its role in participating with this movement. Take a cue from Spectrum Health Beat and begin customizing your content today!


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