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To Be Given Much Is to Give

"To whom much is given, much will be required."

This quote comes from the verse of Luke 12:48. It's a truth that I believe many of us share. If you have much, much is going to and should be expected of you. Right?

We tend to agree, and at this unique moment in our global history, many businesses don't appear to be arguing. Under Armor, usually known for getting us into shape, now has become a face mask manufacturer. The astounding Tesla, known for putting us into sweet rides, today, is creating ventilators to provide to healthcare facilities around the world. We are most familiar with Louis Vuitton, keeping us all in style. Yet, the brand was one of the first companies to modify business as usual by transforming its perfume production line into one that creates hand sanitizer.

The reality is business must go on, or there may not be a future operation to engage in. However, for those companies that have been privileged with platforms, success, and countless winning opportunities, could this be the time to step into a pair of shoes never worn before? The trend seems to be telling us yes. As our world changes minute by minute, so are the number of brands raising their hands to join the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impacts.

Indeed, this is the time to relook at our 2020 marketing playbooks and modify our original strategies. How can we, as a business community, call audibles that will help us not only play as one team but WIN together?

THuS Marketing is a small business, yes. We reside in a sector of the economy being hit the hardest by the financial disruption COVID-19 has caused. Yet, we refuse to stay on the sideline and watch others on the field. We too, have reviewed our marketing playbooks and have reworked a few tactics to ensure to be included in the game.

During this uncertainty, each month, THuS Marketing will dedicate a portion of its income to a nonprofit, helping to make a difference and combat the effects of the current pandemic. We will like to commit ourselves to Grace Covenant Church, a local ministry committed to affecting and reshaping the Washington Metropolitan region.

Daily, they are in the trenches helping to bring food and supplies to local schools, neighborhoods, and nursing homes. Their congregation is making masks and hand sanitizer at home to distribute to local hospitals. They are even donating N95 masks to first responders and frontline workers. Amazing!

THuS Marketing is also local, and we want to see the community in our backyard remain steadfast and strong through this adversity. We look forward to sowing into the great efforts and commitment of this act of love.

Challenge: Have you been given much? Will you join THuS Marketing in committing to support the needs of others? To learn more about our giving venture and how you can join us, reach out to us at


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