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THuS Marketing Writing Portfolio

At THuS Marketing we write from the heart. We believe that the message behind every article, blog, email, and flier are meant to form a connection between a brand and a human customer. We’ve engaged with a number of industries, business classifications, and audience categories with our writing.


Check out our portfolio for some of our featured pieces! 


This article dives into how Microsoft helps people and organizations achieve more by harnessing the power of technology. Read to find out how Microsoft actively works to help and empower people to reach their potential and achieve their goals.


Innovative HR programs allay working parents’ worry and guilt by providing a support system that offers parents peace of mind so that they can be superheroes at work. Read to learn how all working mothers can be great
mothers and great employees with the aid of our sidekick — the
power of human resources


As we continue to battle the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it is important to remember that support and help are available to the frontlines. This blog offers advice on how healthcare workers can protect  their mental and emotional well-being during these challenging times.


Our lives and world experience innovation when made greater in ways we could not see or imagine. The key is to show others where they have the power to make change happen, no matter how big or small an innovation may feel. 


In this In-Depth Discussions blog, we explore the use of AI in the hiring process. It takes a deeper dive into how while the idea of algorithm-based decisions runs counter to what people involved in the hiring process often believe, many believe there is merit behind it. 


Published for National Nurses week, this blog honors the legacy of Florence Nightingale. She was a pioneer of public health and the founder of modern nursing. Read to find out how she changed the face of nursing forever.


Mentoring is a developmental tool used by organizations and individuals to accomplish growth, professional enhancement, and organizational movement towards business objectives and personal achievement. Check out this article to find out how mentoring serves as a “GPS” to organizations and individuals. 

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In marketing relationships, we cannot afford assumptions because when we lost a customer, the hardest thing to do is gain them back. We break down how you beat the competition by offering insight on how you keep your audience committed to your marketing marriage. 


In our new digital reality, consumers are looking at a company’s social media presence like they would an online dating profile. Read to find out how to avoid ghosting your audience by crafting content that will make it hard for them to break up with you. 


Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) is transforming the medical field of the present and shaping the road of its future. As it is becoming recognized for its benefits, it is being increasingly integrated academically and professionally into the medical community.


Brand curiosity is essential because without it, brands become obsolete, die, and fall off the face of the earth never to be thought of again. Read to find out about why strong brands should always have their customers clamoring for more!


The passion and creativity behind &pizza and its Tribe allowed them to create a brand that connects with their audience. Check out this article to learn how they're impacting communities by throwing out the rules and building custom pizzas - and a business - from scratch. 


This blog highlights the thoughts and purpose behind BBB Wise Giving Alliance’s The Heart of Giving Podcast. We explore how the act of giving transcends worldly boundaries - as individuals are always finding innovative ways to make a difference with their words, time, dollars, and heart. 


This blog explores the topic of fake reviews, as introduced in the BBB National Programs’ >Better Series Podcast, that featured the Chief Revenue Officer of Bazaarvoice Joe Rohrlich. It takes a deeper dive into the power reviews have on the trust a consumer places on a brand. 


Knowledge of, and access to, point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) allows for immediate bedside care. Read this blog to find out how POCUS is changing the face of patient care by enhancing healthcare workers' abilities to provide faster diagnoses with increased certainty. 

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