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A New Ocean of Marketing Possibilities

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, people have turned to different cliches and motivational sayings to reframe and make sense of the reality we’re currently living through. From the coverage on news channels to politicians' speeches, social media posts, and even memes, there's plenty of commentary about the 'new normal' brought on by 2020 and how we need to adapt to it.

At THuS Marketing, we believe in the importance of embracing this new sense of normalcy with open arms so we can create, innovate, and shape our future. Instead of being defined by the circumstances, we choose to be the definer of our circumstances—something we accomplish by always listening, learning, reevaluating, and adapting.

As the tide constantly shifts with the changes in the world, to do more than just stay afloat, marketers have to be ready to steer their ship through unchartered territories while still guaranteeing they’re meeting the needs of their audience. Along with facing the need to map more treacherous seas, marketers can also find their route to be more crowded as more industries turn to digital marketing platforms.

With no land in sight, it’s normal to feel homesick. While you shouldn’t let the fear of the unknown circumstances brought on by COVID-19 stop you from embarking on your marketing journey, it’s natural to miss the sense of comfort and certainty that the old reality gave us. As COVID-19 continues, and we sail further away from what we have always known, marketers can develop a sense of nostalgia, making the restrictions of our new normal we're currently in feel mundane and repetitive.

In May, only a few months into quarantine, we released a blog about the importance of utilizing timeless marketing methods to avoid digital fatigue and burnout. Now, four months later, as the weight of the pandemic is hitting even harder and people question when there’s going to be a light at the end of the tunnel, refocusing your marketing back to its human core is vital.

To successfully steer your ship to stay afloat in the sea of marketing, you need to monitor and adjust to the needs of your passengers and your crew. You have to adapt your marketing and communications efforts to meet your audience's needs, including your crew. You need to ensure your company's new environment is also compatible with your marketing team. As you adjust to the changing seas, make sure to cultivate a positive atmosphere for your squad, so they don’t go overboard. Personal connections and communication at an intragroup level within your team goes a long way to create stronger intergroup connections with your external audience.

Staying focused on business is essential, but you don’t want to lose the personal connections and benefits of working together. During a time when we’re craving intimacy more than ever, small changes can go along way. Something as simple as planning a meeting where everyone wears a wacky shirt can create a sense of team unity that may be lost amid digital convening. Two-minds are better than one, and positive collaboration opens doors that remain locked when isolated.

When your crew feels connected and can work together, the challenge of changing course to continue audience support suddenly becomes less daunting. When exploring different ways to engage your followers, using new forms of media, and updating your social media schedule as your audience's lives change, this new territory becomes easier to chart.

Marketers need to recognize that as the world changes, the needs of our audience changes with it. While no one knows what tomorrow, next week, or even next month will look like, always remember that we are all sailing together.

Take the time to create an environment where the captain, crew, and passengers all care for each other. Suppose you can overcome the fears, worries, and burnout, placing your focus on personal connections instead. In that case, you'll have an easier time sailing off into the sunset to explore this new ocean of marketing possibilities.


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