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Training Programs

Here at THuS, we are passionate about helping people increase their knowledge and upskill. We now offer amazing training programs that focus on social media, successful marketing frameworks, email marketing, and writing with heart. 

After taking our workshops, know that you will be more than confident when it comes to creating digital campaigns or writing sales pages – no matter how intimidating they can seem! Take this chance to explore your creativity and grow as an expert marketer! 


Social Media for Beginners

Deciding what social media platform to join, why you’re there, and how to create successful creatives can be a very overwhelming decision to make. This training will help you get started. Also learn best practices for creating remarkable digital ads for social media, as well as how to use real data to inform your decisions. 

Reach out to THuS to learn more about our next cohort of virtual classes and how to save your seat today!

3 weeks  |  $400


Marketing Frameworks Workshop

This workshop will teach you 5 of the most popular marketing frameworks that will help you promote and position your business. Learn how to market in a way that will resonate with your audience, capture their attention, and get them excited about your products and services.

Connect with THuS to learn more about our next cohort of virtual classes and how to save your seat today!

4 weeks  |  $500


#ConquerYourCopy Writing Workshop

Develop the skills you need to write persuasive and compelling content that speaks to your audience. You'll learn how to find your unique voice and how to use it to create more comprehensive content. Plus, you'll get tips for writing for the web, email, and other digital platforms essential in today's market.


By the end of this workshop, you'll be able to write copy that not only informs but converts!

3 weeks  |  $350

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