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Aim, Shoot, Write!

In marketing, possessing an ability to envision the finish line for whatever initiative you might be working on is imperative. If there are any blind spots, then you're treading in murky waters that hinder your ability to achieve victory.

As the modern-day marketer that we all are, we know that content marketing is what's up in 2020. So to be productive, one content skill that needs mastering is knowing how to write. And not just write, but deliver a purpose-driven, crystal clear message that is technically on-point with a personal touch. Messages must hit your target audience square in the bullseye every time you deliver.

It's a tall order, but if you craft the right pre-writing strategy, then your post engagement should have you celebrating victoriously.

"Well, how do I do this," you might be asking?

At THuS Marketing, we believe in a divine miracle called a content brief. This little guy packs a big punch and is sure to have your content writers exceeding your expectations. Honestly, we should probably put this Bible verse in the header of our content briefs, "I was blind, but now I see," John 9:25, for this is precisely what this small but pertinent step will do for all of your content. Take you from blindness to vision.

Picture an expert in archery. A bowman doesn't just pick up his bow and arrow and shoot off in any direction, willy nilly. If you've ever watched someone skilled in this, you'll notice they take great care in setting their aim before launching their arrow forward. Sometimes it will be minutes before they even release the string. If you Google, "parts of a bow," you'll see that the riser is what assists in delivering a perfect shot.

A content brief is your riser to amazing content. It guides the writer towards a concise plan of action for delivery. It will save on time and stress in trying to get a piece of writing to a successful end. Ultimately, your content brief could make a difference in retention.

What the brief does is asks a series of questions to get the writer's creative juices in perfect alignment with the overarching goal. These questions aim to identify your audience, message objective, tone of voice, details to share, audience take-aways, and any additional resources that may help you reach the finish line. Inquiring into these specific objectives helps someone go from stumbling in the dark to an expert archer of writing.

Upon completion of the content brief, you should feel free to write away. At the end of the writing process, be sure to re-visit the creative brief to assess if you have launched your content arrow in perfection.

See, writing is an art form. To be able to express your marketing through this creative skill, planning is a must. Save the freestyle writing for the weekends. Content briefs are a sure-fire plan for taking your content marketing from good to exceptional.


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