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[Business] Growth Begins With A Seed

Business growth begins with a seed
Seeds initiate growth

Growth has to begin somewhere. As the saying goes, there's no such thing as an overnight success, right? There was a beginning that cultivated the arrival to triumph. Gold medals aren't just merely won. They're earned. New life just doesn't come to be. Inception kick-starts the intricate process of fetal development. When we see the blossoming, budding, and blooming of Spring, it's evidence that the grounds were softened, the soil was toiled, and a seed was planted.

We often witness the end results and immediately forget to peek behind the scenes. The glorious outcomes can often overshadow the grit and gumption that took place, producing the wonder that sprung forth before our very eyes. But we say, let's not overlook the seed, as it is the mastermind behind the beauty that unfolds. Without it, there is no blooming. Without it, there is no budding. To delight in the botanical gardens of a finished product, we must first sow the magic bean that is certain to take us to new heights. Marketers know this all too well.

Those of us who don't necessarily wear a marketing hat find ourselves consumed by the effects and results. Significant weight and priority are placed on the number of attendees registered for the event, renewal rates, paid vs. unpaid registrants, the percentage of new members for the month, and so on and so forth. We place all our energy on what is seen above the surface, omitting the value and importance of what lies beneath. Marketers, on the other hand, know that is a grave mistake.

Our job is this. We take your vision of success and develop a blueprint informed by your inspiration and your audience. Once those insights have been gathered, we begin our dig into planning and executing. We know this is oversimplified. So, let us provide a visual depiction of what we are describing. Think of marketers as your business landscaper. This individual designs and creates gardens based on a defined desire. They use their horticulture, ecology, and composition knowledge to create stunning and functional outdoor environments informed by their clients' needs.

Before implementation can occur, any landscaper worth their green thumb must conduct a site analysis. They assess the landscape, evaluating soil quality, drainage, sunlight exposure, and existing vegetation. Based on their findings, this garden expert can create a design plan fit for a king, down to the very seeds required to get the job done correctly. Without conducting this analysis, it's all a guessing game. The soil used could reject seeds that have been laid to rest in its clasp. Flowers and greenery may sprout but quickly die off due to limited knowledge about the environment they were planted in. To ensure the outcome is as intended, one must be committed to the process of assessment and nurturing.

Think about it.

The gold medalist is always the one who trains the hardest. This individual wasn't born a champion. They instead grew into one...

...By becoming an athlete willing to put in the time, dedication, and energy needed to see their vision come to pass. The same holds true for obtaining marketing success. Great results don't occur because you posted on your social media feed or placed an ad on a streaming platform. Victory takes place before the post and the ad. The win occurs because of the type of seeds planted informed by insights collected.

What do we mean by that? When marketers are given room to strategize and analyze all that impacts and affects the goals you seek to accomplish, we are given the gift of intentionality. Like our landscaper who has conducted a site analysis, after doing so, marketers are empowered to develop plans with limited ambiguity and a targeted focus. We need to be able to study your audience, peel back the layers of your organization, and examine your SWOT to ensure that what we put in place hits the mark. In order to sow the correct seeds in your organization's garden, marketers must plant with tools that foster the best growth. Without them, you are sure to experience stagnant or short-lived results.

Business growth begins at the starting line, not the finish. We can't demand goals achieved without training for the race. Next time you stop to admire the beauty of a bloom, remember to smell the roses amid your trance. Be reminded and wake up to the very real notion that what you see before you did not evolve at the snap of a finger. It began with a seed consciously planted to grab your attention and call you to action through results that purposefully flourished before you!

Ready to grow? Contact THuS, and let's begin your journey to breath-stopping beauty!


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