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Business with Heart

While hundreds of thousands of small businesses open each year, many of them will not survive the first five years. With countless hurdles to overcome, many hopeful entrepreneurs are left searching for answers to why some companies succeed while others fall short.

Although there is no sure way to guarantee small business success, there are factors and ingredients that can help entrepreneurs improve their chances of making their mark. Often known as rags-to-riches stories, countless small businesses have risen beyond the dreams of their founders. Well, known favorites like Subway, Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and more were not always the household names they are today.

Despite the challenges that stand in their way, some entrepreneurs who continually strive in following their dreams, have found themselves exceeding anyone's expectations. While other factors do matter, heart and passion undeniably play a significant role in business progress.

Heart and vision played leading roles in the CustomInk's rags-to-riches story. Rather than using a recipe to find their success, in a BBB National Program's TRUSTED article, CustomInk's Co-Founder and CEO Marc Katz offered a formula that he's found to be accurate: "passion x talent x luck = success."

As his Internet apparel company has grown from 10 employees (or Inkers) to more than 1,500 and is consistently ranked as one of the top places to work, Katz's experience has shown the importance of leading with the heart. Wanting to be more than a product from the start, Katz has emphasized growing CustomInk into something meaningful that creates T-shirts and connections.

CustomInk's purpose of connecting and growing with communities has shined throughout its growth. With a heart behind their mission, they are an example of how passion and commitment can benefit a small business.

To find out more about their story, the complexities of small business entrepreneurship and the impact leading with heart has in the business world, read THuS Marketing + Branding's President Nona Phinn's article.

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