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Can She Really Have It All?

That age-old question asked of all women: Can she be and have it all? Can she be mom, daughter, sister, wife, and friend? Can she be sexy and brilliant, gorgeous and dominant, graceful while taking no prisoners? Can her presence be larger than life while personal and accessible to the ones she loves the most?

Christina Friedli, mom of three and Director of Product and Partner Marketing at SiriusXM, has solved this riddle in her own way and at her own pace.

The roles that women master in their lives don't have to collide. As with anything, there are ebbs and flow, and the key is to navigate the waves of life the way a surfer rides a barrel.

Christina finds herself paddling new tides and describes this stage as such, "As my kids are growing more self-reliant, I'm able to re-allocate energy and time to career and self-development opportunities. It feels like a growth spurt for adults. Or, maybe more like a second round of awkward teen years trying to find your way given new time and an introduction to a new self."

Dedicated not only to her family but to marketing as well, Christina has crafted a career traversing industries from technology to entertainment and consumer goods for over 20 years. She's tackled both sides of the fence as a marketing consultant and an in-house marketing force, bringing this unique experience to every role. And with each opportunity, Christina defied the neatly square box that many women are compelled to squeeze herself in.

The challenge of wearing the many hats women are required to put on is to ensure she determines her strut while flossing in them. "My biggest challenge, and perhaps that of other women, is being equally comfortable at being humble vs. a self-promoter of any sized achievements," Christina explains. Believing there isn't one right way to show up in the boardroom is half the battle. It is in knowing that the balancing act isn't a game that one must play. When women enter any space with everything that makes her who she truly is, it becomes her response to every naysayer and those questioning her credibility.

How does she get there? How does a woman arrive ready to enter the phase of "comfortable in her skin?" Christina notes, "To never stop learning and growing. Marketing teaches us that nothing is ever "done." You need to evaluate and optimize continually."

Any marketer worth her soul also understands the value of intent and purposeful execution. Make certain to have an implementation plan ready for the development obtained. "Set goals, and when they are achieved, feel good about that even if there are identifiable and obvious ways to improve for the next time. Take a beat and congratulate yourself and then move onward and upward," Christina encourages.

Pat yourself on the back, ladies. Give yourself a round of applause. You are doing it all, so don't cower down from being your all. You are poised and a leader. You command the room because of your beauty and the power held within your voice. Your heart is your secret weapon. Your compassion lives there, and so does your fight. For every stage, ride your waves so they may bring you to shores you never dreamed you'd charter.

Lastly, "Always ask questions. You don't have to have all the answers to be viewed as being good at your job. Seek a mentor. Never stop being a student of your craft. Above all, don't forget to believe in you."

Women don't have to answer the question, "Can she have or be it all?" She already is ALL.


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