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Marketing With A Human Touch

It's 21st-century marketing which means there is no better time to make waves as a marketer! I am having fun in the digital age of marketing. An email here, a social media post there, mixed in with Twitter chats and blog posts (like this one). There is no telling how far my voice can reach in our borderless market.

Did I mention we are also in the era of big data? No excuses. Every marketer should know their audience like the back of their hands. If you don't know your audience outside of how they connect with your brand, you're falling short.

My favorite part of all is the instant feedback I can receive about the performance of my marketing efforts. Shares, likes, opens, click-throughs, and the like alert me in moments as to how my audience has responded to my communications and campaigns. If I pay real close attention, I will uncover the story that every data point is telling me about my customers allowing me to tailor my next efforts with greater precision.

With all of the marketing magic that happens today, I have to admit that there is still no magic like the one that occurs at events. My first event manning a booth is a memory forever engraved in my mind. There they were all around me. The individuals I have been crafting messages, programs, and communications for from behind my desk. My customers. I was talking to them one-on-one, gathering their testimonials, coordinating their photo and video shoots, and just merely engaging as human beings.

I learned more about my customers in three days being face-to-face with them than I did solely relying on my digital reach for two years. At the time I was working for a company who provided products and services that elevated our customers' careers. Careers that were their livelihood and meant the world them. Careers that they were most passionate about and was more than just a job to them.

It took a conference to open my eyes to see the people behind our customers. Beforehand, I had all the head knowledge needed to do my job logically and analytically. After meeting my customers, my heart and soul became involved. I could now feel and experience with them the weight of their career. I could even relate because how they felt about HR is how I felt about marketing. I attended that conference every year after and every year, I exceeded the organization's scorecard goals in my area of marketing. I no longer relied on the data alone to tell me their story. I relied on the customers instead.

What is included in your marketing efforts today that allows for some face time with your customers? When and how do you step away from the digital world to experience your customer in their actual world?

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