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HerStory. Our Story.

As we enter into #WomensHistoryMonth, we wanted to stop and reflect on the road behind us and pinpoint milestones that carved out the path we find ourselves on today. This month, we measure what women have done to gain an equal place in this world and pay tribute to what their efforts have done for us today. Where would be if the bold and the brave kept quiet? What would the role of women visually represent if sacrifices weren't made? We shutter the thought.

#WomensHistory is all of our stories. Every mile a woman took to change her fellow sisters' narrative was a mile taken for all humankind. Hip Hip Hooray! Let's allow her steps to motivate and drive the ones we make in our present. A popular social media post that overwhelmed our feeds a few months ago characterizes this sentiment perfectly.

It's an image of Vice President Kamala Harris walking with the shadow of Ruby Bridges, a young black girl who integrated a New Orleans elementary school in 1960. Without any words, the picture depicts how the doors we opened yesterday can set the stage for others to open doors tomorrow and even create them. This notion is why we must celebrate the past while forging forward into the future.

The inroads made by our predecessors, the victories won by our ancestors, and the barriers removed by our forerunners can not be forgotten. When we keep their wins before us, it drives, moves, and motivates us to the same—to do so well. Their climb is our kick in the pants. We appreciate the struggle and are willing to remain in our travailing not for ourselves alone but also for those behind us. We are less inclined to waste a moment when we remember the moments it took to create the space we consume.

This March, let's remember. Let's reminisce about the women whose works made room for us to shine. Let's honor the greats that are killing it today and making us all look good! THuS Marketing wouldn't exist without the creative, savvy, and brilliant women before us and now. We are grateful for them and excited to be a part of their club—a round of applause to the women in marketing who broke ceilings and shattered walls. To those who were and to the ones who are, we say, "Thank You!" May we too make room for more greats to come!


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