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Hitting Reset

Happy New Year! It's here. 2020 has arrived — the wait is finally over.

We usually get to this point in the year, ensuring that our resolution list is in order. We reexamine the last 365 days and take a survey of the highs and lows, the wins and losses, and the proud moments as well as the regrets. Then it becomes promise-making time. We vow to build on our victories, stick to the resolutions, and never to do those things that we believe produced the downs.

It's time for a reset.

Yes, it's a new year and, therefore, time to hit reset. It's our do over time — you know when we get to start again. However, here's a challenge for you. What if you don't hit that button? We know, risky. Take your hands off for one second and hear us out. Let's not start over.

We learn daily in working with our clients and in building something we haven't before, that the losses, the mistakes, and the failures are all required. They aren't moments to erase or bury in the corporate basement. The lows are bricks that we can also use to help us build well. We embrace them, and we learn from them.

Listen, the honest truth is we will experience blunders and won't accomplish every goal in 2020, just as we did in 2019. It is bound to happen. However, instead of hitting reset, let's allow those moments we are least proud of to turn into something incredible. Let's use them to reduce the number of times we stumble in 2020 and produce successes we couldn't plan for or even imagine.

Let's not begin again; let's start from where we left off. No regrets, only more bricks to make us better and stronger.

So, here's to a 2020 so magnificent that our resolutions would have never been able to capture it all! One which the positives and negatives of our pasts, are both used to help us build strength in our futures!

Happy New Year!


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