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Looking Back Only to Look Ahead

Black history is all of our history. Its owned by every American. This concept holds true for any of us that share a space, a culture, or a community. Your history is also mine. This country belongs to all who reside here and contribute to its growth, successes, and even its failures. We share this land of the free and this home of the brave.

I have to believe that our country has to be a driving force that should bridge us and connect us. We all have a common interest — the pursuit of happiness individually and nationally. However, for this pursuit to be obtainable, we all must be willing to take a hard look back at our past as it is a vital tool that assists in shaping all of our futures.

You know that question, "How do we know where we are going if we don't know where we've been?" It is valid to ponder this inquiry as our history creates building blocks to be utilized in building our future. There are always great lessons learned, mistakes made that helps highlight what doesn't work, methods to model after, people to mimic, and actions to apply to future progress.

Without studying and honoring all history, we miss critical information needed to shape our tomorrows, and we might find ourselves reinventing the wheel in the process. Even trees whisper their past to us, helping with the assessment of their anticipated health and growth. By counting the dark rings on a cut tree, you can tell how old it is, and by examining the shape and pattern of the rings, you can piece together its entire history — from sunny days to drought seasons.

The amazing thing about knowing a tree's story is we not only learn about the tree, but we also gain insight into the conditions of the environment in which it stands. My history is indeed your history. It's true for trees, it's true for our nation, and it's true for our organizations.

Where your company has been and who has been there with it, should not be a hidden secret. Instead, it should be a telling starting point. Any time your business looks ahead, always take a glance back. There are necessary details that are the bricks and tools needed to build forward.

A look back will only hurt if you refuse to move on from there. Therefore, this review should only be used as a teachable and motivating moment to aid in your navigation and encouragement.

Your company's past belongs to all those who take a stake in it. Include them and make it known to them. The more they understand the road traveled, the more they can see the way ahead. Your organization's culture, mission, goals, objectives, and innovative measures depend on it. Everyone needs to envision the experiences that sculpted your businesses into what it is today, so that all may participate well in contributing to tomorrow's successes.

The more we realize that our history belongs to one another, the more we are willing to align our goals for the future together.


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