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Cupid Isn’t the Only One In the Business of Making Love Happen

THuS Marketing_Making a Heart Connection

Love Connecting Is the Expertise of Marketing

Classic Greek mythology gave us the adorable and lovable god of love, Cupid, a name meaning passionate desire. In Latin, he is also known as Armor (Love) and is often depicted as a winged child with a bow and arrow in hand, a quiver attached to his back, and airlifted off the ground by his fluttering wings. His job is quite simple. To make people fall in love. He uses his barbed golden tip arrow to memorize a targeted pair. Taking them from you could be the one to an unequivocal yes. Cupid has been the symbol of ultimate matchmaking.

Coming off the heels of Valentine's Day, there is no doubt that romance arranging is still the ambiance set and top of mind for many. It's the one day we permit ourselves to be lovestruck. Cupid doesn't have to look for us. We are out and about wondering where he is! We happily wear a target on our backs, hoping to magically be blasted onto cloud nine with our perfect Mr. or Mrs. Right. "Cupid, Cupid, where art thou? Don't forget to aim hither here!"

With all these touchy feelings abounding, it got us thinking. Hopelessly searching for love isn't only a label worn by those who have long awaited their happily ever after. We see this desperate need for connection visibly displayed every single day in our professional lives. Does it show up slightly differently? Of course! But it still shows up.

We regularly connect with organizations that want to reach a particular audience. They have tried all sorts of tactics to capture their attention and pulled all of their best "romantic" gestures out of their bag. They have tried everything from changing their appearance to giving away the kitchen sink. With all their efforts spent and no more ideas left, these organizations find themselves exactly where they have started. Unnoticed and unknown by the one they want.

Then there's their audience. Little does the organization know and understand how much the audience wants to connect to an entity that gets them, understands them, and can fulfill their needs. Their unmet desires have left a gaping and bleeding hole in their fragmented hearts. There is a yearning for brand satisfaction, a pleasure-filled relationship that goes beyond exchanging goods and services for dollars. They, too, want to be seen, but instead for who they are and not for what the organization thinks they should be.

Though not mystical or mythological, we get to step in and play "Cupid" for these lost lovebirds.

Our job is to connect our clients with their perfect match in the most perfect way possible. We go digging for intel on both sides of the fence. We study the audience's pulsating desires and examine the org's cravings and passion. We analyze the depth of each of their needs and investigate the abyss of their wants. In our journey of discovery, we uncover hidden beneath the surface, the sweet spot. What's the sweet spot? It's where the heart or core of the client and their target audience intersects and collides, capturing each other's eyes trapped in an undeniable trance.

We don't use an arrow. Instead, we use marketing to form this unbreakable bond. We do the scoping and stalking to ensure the first encounter bypasses the awkwardness of the blind date stage and moves this made-to-be relationship into a where have you been all my life confidence. Our job is to create marketing and communications strategies and plans that remove all layers of second-guessing. After we have aimed and fired our best shot, there's no doubt that you have found your missing link, and they have found you!

So, although life is like a box of chocolates, reaching your target audience shouldn't be.

If you are deploying marketing and communications efforts that leave you unsure about what you will get, then you aren't doing marketing. Results and performance should not be a mystery or a Greek fairytale. When you discharge your arrows, you should be more than certain that your intended target will fall hard for you when it strikes. If your marketing doesn't feel that way, it's time for you to reach out to Cupid for help!

Read our blog, The Human Side of Marketing, to learn more.


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