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Market Like Nobody's Watching

He sees you when you’re working. He knows when you’re distracted. He knows if you’ve been lazy or focused, so work hard for goodness sake. Ohhhhh, you better work hard, you better not slack, you better not procrastinate, I’m telling you why! Marquette is watching your every move.

While perhaps not as catchy as the lyrics to the classic Christmas song “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” our marketing version has proved to be quite relatable in 2020. With most people working completely remotely or only going in on occasion, work isolation has become an increasingly pressing matter. By this ninth month of quarantine, working from home has created a dependency on digital tools, the need to rethink business operations, and redefined the meaning of work-life balance.

It’s undeniable that remote work has been a lifesaving measure, but it’s also a situation that most were thrown into without warning. During a time where we have all been doing our best to adapt, our mischievous friend Marquette the elf has been leering over our shoulders and watching our every move. Serving as the voice in the back of our head, he’s planted seeds of uncertainty and provided us with what feels like an endless number of questions about our new workspace.

Do we still have to dress professionally for calls? Do my hours need to be from 9:00-5:00, or is it just important to work eight hours? Am I allowed to take breaks? How long of a break is too long? How do you balance home commitments with work commitments if you have family, kids, or pets?

Even as we’re physically apart from our coworkers, Marquette’s constant presence has left some marketers feeling like their every move is being watched and that the circumstances restrict the channels they can use. 2020 has provided a new order of the day where we have to maintain a ‘bubble’ for health purposes, but that doesn’t mean we should give in to Marquette’s restrictions and market in one. No matter the circumstances, marketers should strive for creativity and adaptability.

After nine months of working from home, most feel burnt out from digital tools, going through the motions. Marquette’s constant gaze has everyone feeling tired, trapped, and uninspired.

To break free:

  1. Step away from your desk and embrace the work-life balance. The lines may feel blurred at the moment, but working from home doesn’t mean you should always be working.

  2. Break out of the trap, and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone.

  3. Try a new hobby, read engaging content, safely spend time with your family and friends, and reignite the passion that makes your heart overheat for marketing.


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