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Marketing Telephone

Did you know that there are more than 1.5 million nonprofits registered in the U.S. today? This number includes nonprofits of all sizes, focus areas, missions, and types. Entities such as public charities, private foundations, associations, chambers of commerce, fraternal organizations, and civic leagues fall into the category of nonprofit. All of which work to create change, advocate for good, and support the underserved or overlooked.

With all this do good work, shouldn't there be waves of people flocking to get behind a nonprofit or two?

Only if it worked that way how easy life would be!

Marketing is essential for the nonprofit sector to incorporate in its strategy, and here's why. It's almost basic what we are about to say next, so we apologize in advance for oversimplifying it.

You have a message to share, and without marketing, your message is a well-kept secret. Every nonprofit requires a fanbase, ambassadors if you will, that will carry its mission torch and infect like-minded individuals and corporations to join in its quest. Marketing is your vehicle for spreading the word, assuring that your reach is maximized.

Take PR Daily's Nonprofit 2019 award winner Rotary International, a nonprofit whose members believe in the shared responsibility to take action against the world's most persistent issues such as diseases, lack of clean water, and marginalized education. Their 2019 annual conference was held in Hamburg, Germany, a city unfamiliar with their work. Rotary decided while there, they needed to change this.

Working with a German PR Agency, marketing planning went underway for pre, during, and post the convention. Rotary's message and presence were made known through 691 media placements and 832 posts across social media in eight languages, delivering 254,000 engagements, a 55% increase over 2018. Also, their conference saw paid attendance exceeded its goal, drawing 26,000 members from 175 countries. Additionally, the number of new member web leads doubled from the previous year.

Hamburg now knows Rotary International exists, and its all thanks to the power of marketing. Marketing is your mouthpiece, your megaphone for creating impact, reaching goals, and moving the needles required to see your mission brought to life. That is its purpose. You want and need marketing to support and accelerate the change and the difference your nonprofit has all the intention of making.

Your nonprofit can't reach its greatest heights alone. Marketing ensures you don't have to.

Now go spread the word, share your message, and make your nonprofit and its mission is known.


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