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May She Stand Strong In the Face of History

A welcoming of March is a welcoming of Women's History Month. It's 31 days of celebrating and honoring the impacts and contributions that women have made to our world. We intentionally reflect on the influential ladies of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Women have left their imprint all over the globe—so much so that many times it is hard to know where to begin the memorializing. THuS Marketing is known for spotlighting the female fierceness of those in marketing, business, and the nonprofit sector. Believe me. We'll get to that. However, we would be remiss if we didn't take this significant detour.

Today, we want to herald the many women of Ukraine who are boldly making history as we speak. They are taking up arms, remaining in place, and unapologetically speaking up against the wrongs that have barrelled against their homeland. Worldwide their bravery resounds blaring through the atmosphere of our universe. We can hear their courage and feel their cries as they stand up to the tyranny trespassing across their borders.

Who are these fearless ladies unafraid of rolling up their sleeves and climbing into the trenches to square off with an enemy?

Nadia Babych is one of them. This mother of two is a woman in the Ukrainian army, citing she and her fellow female fighters are there "to protect our country, our families."

Valentyna Konstantynovska, a 79-year-old great-grandmother, is another brave soul we must mention. She has been engaged in basic training, learning how to fire an AK-47 rifle. She tells local media, "I am ready to shoot if something happens. I will defend my home, my city, my children."

Former Miss Ukraine, Anastasia Lenna, takes to Instagram to inspire her fellow compatriots and the rest of the world to help stop the war and end Russia's attacks. She shared on the platform, "I had a normal life just on Wednesday, like millions of people. I don't do any propaganda except showing our women of Ukraine—strong, confident, and powerful...We will win!"

Lenna isn't the only lady using her platform to send a cease and dismiss war message. Tennis player Elina Svitolina refused to play her Russian opponent, Anastasia Potapova, at the Monterrey Open. Her action was fueled with a fiery purpose. Svitolina dug her heels into the ground, calling for the sport's governing bodies to take action against Russia over the invasion of Ukraine. Then and only then would she step out on the court. She also used Instagram to clarify her decision, sharing that her actions should not be conveyed as anger towards her fellow Russian players. Instead, it is to bring attention to the greater victory currently on the line for her to win. "Unfortunately, now we, professional athletes, are essentially becoming hostages to the current situation…I am against grief, tears, and war," Svitolina wrote.

To date, one of the most audacious acts comes from an unnamed woman with no platform, no armor, and no weapon in hand. In a video that has gone viral, she holds sunflowers and offers them to a Russian soldier occupying her streets. In the footage, she is heard advising the soldier to take them, "so sunflowers can grow here when you die."

Though needless to say, these women are models of hope, strength, and heart. Amid the destruction and imminent threat, they stand for what is right and for those who are unable to. They have chosen to be included in the fight. They are active participants in writing a new history, motivated by the love of their country, their people, and their home. Today, we stand with these ladies. They are not alone or forgotten. We see her, we hear her, and for sure, we feel her.

May your refusal to never be silenced and your resolve to never back down remain forever alive in the pages of history.

Lord, make sense of what appears senseless. In the face of confusion, be their rock, pillar, and strong tower. Be an impenetrable and indestructible bunker for the people of Ukraine. You go before them, ensuring that annihilation will not be their fate. At the end of the day, this earth is Yours and the fullness thereof. This world and everything within it belongs to You. All rulers and governments cower at Your feet. May this one quickly do the same. In Jesus name. Amen.

Ways We Can Help

Seven churches in Ukraine collectively supporting on the ground to provide for displaced families.

UNICEF is supporting health, nutrition, safe drinking water, sanitation and protection for children and families caught in the conflict in Ukraine.

MSF is conducting a range of activities in Ukraine to help people travel to health care facilities and access prescribed medications.

The Switzerland-based international organization seeks to help people affected by the conflict and support the work of the Ukrainian Red Cross.

The London-based organization helps deliver essential humanitarian aid to vulnerable children in Ukraine and around the world.

The international organization is providing emergency assistance to families in Ukraine, including cash assistance and opportunities for resettlement.

The charitable foundation of this organization is helping to provide psychological and psychosocial support to children affected by the Ukrainian conflict.


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