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Social Media Marketing as a Resiliency Tactic

The year is quickly coming to an end, and whew! What a year it’s been.

We’ve seen mass loss, economies crippled, businesses forced to close, and most of us stuck inside avoiding contact, or at least limiting our social circle down to a relatively small number—all revolutionizing how we communicate with one another.

Despite all the bad 2020 hit us with, we’ve learned how resilient we truly are. We’ve swapped stories of loss and perseverance in ways we’ve never done before. And even though we don’t get to experience the physical closeness we rely on, we have adapted to communicating through somewhat of a digital closeness that’s become the norm. The same can be said about the way we work, as many companies have realized that productivity levels at home are equivalent to being in an office. We’ve found that there really isn’t much we can’t do digitally.

In saying that, marketing digitally is a necessity now more than ever, especially social media marketing, where the audience is larger than it’s ever been. It’s no secret that businesses, large and small, have turned down this avenue for advertisement. In fact, this is how many companies have been able to stay afloat during the pandemic. For example, in the article 5 Small Business Owners Reveal How They Are Marketing on Social Media During Covid-19, Picnic Artisanal Grazing in Orange County, CA, stated, "We have relied on social media for 100% of our business."

As more support poured in for small businesses, it became essential to maintain a presence with the digital audience, aka potential customers or clients—especially when much of the country is still working from their computers at home. Social media has reinforced a sense of community, and businesses have fostered this fellowship while promoting and selling their products. Social media marketing is no longer a supplemental form of advertising but now the primary means of reaching the perfect client or customer. It’s also an effective way to drive website traffic and therefore push for more sales. Not only that, but it’s a fraction of the cost of what conventional advertising is. Big sales for a smaller price? What’s better than that?

When many were forced to end in-person sales, turning to an already existing digital structure and using it to continue business is a time-old "lemonade out of lemons" situation. It's another example of the resiliency we've learned to adapt within us.

As we wrap up this strange year, it’s important to understand that social media marketing won’t be going anywhere, at least not anytime soon. It’s not too late to start considering what your strategy could look like or the potential reach your business could have. Connect with THuS if you're curious how an approach like this could scale your business. We have a variety of social media packages designed to fit your business at any stage!


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