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Thank You For This New Year

Dearest Meaghan,

Wow! 2022 is here, and our tiny venture is embarking on its greatest adventures yet. The new we get to step into this year is in huge part because of you. You gave so much of yourself and poured out your sweat, giving us the best of you. For that, we say thank you.

You were the wind we needed to keep pushing forward on the bad days. You were the life of the parties we threw to celebrate the wins. When we couldn't fathom believing in THuS, you had confidence enough for all of us. When visions became clear, you captured and ran with them.

The next steps THuS Marketing is privileged to take are the biggest leaps we've been asked to make. This year, in 2022, we have already reached heights uncharted—peaks we've dreamed of achieving together. We enter into this new beginning with mixed emotions of joy and sadness. We're excited to see what awaits on the road ahead but broken because you will not be traveling alongside THuS.

We only wish you heard thank you more. We hope you knew how grateful we were to have you on our team. God was beyond generous when He shared you with THuS. May your soul rest in the kind of peace you provided.

Forever a part of THuS!


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