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The One Relationship Marketers Wish They Can End

Marketers, can I get three cheers for the evolution of the game? Hip hip hooray! Man, we are having a good time, aren't we?

Marketing had my heart the moment I met it, but there came a time it deeply hooked me. Email. Oh, I remember my first introduction to email. I fell in love right there at that moment. This awestruck tool allowed me to hear the thoughts, reactions, and responses of the recipients on the other end of the send button.

A girl couldn't have asked for more. Open rates, click-throughs, heat maps, names, email addresses, relevant dates - it was all there ready for me to listen, analyze, and then hit send again. My life changed, and I couldn't foresee anything better.

Needless to say, I was extremely short-sided. I could ask for more and more came in the form of social media. Real-time, two-way conversations with customers! What?!? This incredible hunk of technology transformed the phrase engagement, redefined our expectations of reach, and utterly modified the meaning of marketing relationship.

Social media appeared to be a gift that would only keep on giving. So, why then are marketers secretly wishing for permission to end what seemed to be an eternal relationship? What could be driving them to want to disassociate with such remarkable love? The kind of love that swooped in and altered our world forever.

Ann Gynn shares a few confessions of marketers in her article, What If You and Your Brand Could Break Up with Social Media? Her intriguing piece written with the Content Marketing Institute welcomes us into the minds of marketers who are itching to abandon social media. One platform, in particular, has become the boyfriend that everyone loves to hate. Some marketers have already ended their affair with it while others have decided to give it the cold shoulders until, well, it eventually stops calling.

As I read thoughts and reasonings shared by my peers, I have to admit that I have been hiding these same feelings. Too afraid to bare my soul and speak my truth as I would be definitely going against the grain and contradicting the trends of success. What's a marketer to do with these emotions? Does a relationship counselor exist for the rifts that occur between a girl and her channels?

Read Gynn's full article to learn why breaking up is indeed hard to do, even if we feel it is necessary. You may be surprised to learn which platforms have been taking far more than it has been giving and how marketers seek for comprise.

Do you agree? Is it time to say goodbye to our bond with social media?


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