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The Priceless Gift of Audience Awareness

So nice, we had to say it twice. What is about to be spoken isn't new THuS Marketing advice. We have drilled this vital concept into our communications over and over and over again. Now, the hope is that what you garner from the repetition isn't annoyance but an understanding of the validity of the subject matter. Now, what is this notion that we like to hammer to death? Audience Awareness!

With a name like, The Human Side of Marketing, of course, we have to be a broken record if we want to make you a believer. It's what we stand for. It's why we exist. And most importantly, it works. There is no marketing without a strong and defined audience awareness. To succeed in your mission and business endeavors, you must know who your fans are. This knowledge isn't "we have a general idea."

We're talking more like an inside out, back of your hand knowing.

You become your audience so you can better reach them, relate to them, communicate with them, engage them, and serve them. Without defining your customer through their lens versus your own, you can't effectively market to them and, in turn, sell them on whatever mission or product you are providing. Do this, and the gifts marketing will deliver to you will be in abundance.

Take Martin Gruszka, owner of Office Evolution Herndon. An entrepreneur who answered the call to build a business after his 20-year climb to the top of the corporate ladder no longer satisfied or provided him purpose. The higher he was positioned on the org chart, the further away he was from doing creative work. To get back to his love for creativity, Martin took on the role of what he calls the 21st-century artisan. This person takes their talent, expertise, and skills and transforms them into a strategic, lucrative, and budding business.

The beauty of opening the doors to a coworking space in the heart and heat of the community you work, live, and play in, is that you are your audience. Martin is who he serves. The shoes he walks a mile in are the same sneaks laced up by his audience. He understands their ploys, relates to their aspirations, gets their needs, and knows their challenges. Martin speaks the language of his audience fluently and perceives their thoughts instinctively.

This advantage allows for an organic progression to occur in the development and growth of his business. For every hammer and nail Martin takes to build out his Office Evolution, there is a blueprint that is undoubtedly audience-centric, informing the "construction project." How he markets and positions the shared office space has much, if not all, to do with meeting the needs of current and future members.

From the onset, Martin knew that Office Evolution Herndon needed to be an ecosystem for businesses in the Herndon region. His mission was and has been to create a hub that firms join to get work done, network, establish new connections, access business resources and tools, and obtain industry education. Basically, work gets done at Office Evolution Herndon, but also expect your business needs fulfilled.

Recently, Martin made a strategic business and marketing move by partnering with the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber has joined Office Evolution Herndon, occupying several offices within the coworking space. It has entered this new chapter committed to uniquely serving the other 100+ members that have joined the center. The Chamber brings 60 years of local market credibility and insight, intending to be a significant element in this growing ecosystem.

Here's what Martin understands about the community he calls his audience, "Every business owner feels like they are alone. I still feel like I am alone to this day." Knowing what he knows about his members sparked this incredible alliance. Martin can provide an even greater connected environment for his members through this marketing partnership. He has made it so,

"You'll find community right away. That feeling of loneliness is now eliminated. You'll find a network hungry for you, as you are hungry for it."

The ecosystem blooming at Office Evolution Herndon is where productivity happens, business is conducted, and a Chamber and its 500 members are within arms reach. It's just what the doctor ordered for the solopreneurs, the dream starters, and the small business on the way to becoming large. An order Martin was able to fill through his exquisite and accurate audience awareness.

Thank you, marketing, for the gift of knowledge and the awareness of our audience.


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