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The Relentless Impact of Legacy

The pure, the bright, the beautiful,

That stirred our hearts in youth,

The impulses to wordless prayer,

The streams of love and truth;

The longing after something lost,

The spirit's yearning cry,

The striving after better hopes —

These things can never die.

The timid hand stretched forth to aid

A brother in his need,

A kindly word in grief's dark hour

That proves a friend indeed;

The plea for mercy softly breathed,

When justice threatens high,

The sorrow of a contrite heart —

These things shall never die.

Let nothing pass, for every hand

Must find some work to do;

Lose not a chance to waken love —

Be firm, and just, and true;

So shall a light that cannot fade

Beam on thee from on high.

And angel voices say to thee —

"These things shall never die."

By Charles Dickens

This poem is a reminder that there are elements of life so impactful, so gripping, and inspirational, they stand to live forever. Time can not fade them out. Trends can not erase them. They are endless and relentless.

Our world must acknowledge these things, for they are hard to go unnoticed. They stop us in our tracks and dare to take our breath away. We can't help but stare caught in their gaze, completely unable to look the other way. As we gawk at the sight caused by infinite sparks of life, we're moved to transform the norm of our day-to-day.

That is what legacy does. It sways us into new directions outside of the course we have set. While redirecting our footsteps, it becomes embedded in us. Legacies never die, for they are engraved on the beating hearts of men who pass the torch of their influence from one hand to the next. Making a mark that will outlast time is its enduring trademark. For a legacy is a memory, a feeling, an impact that can never be forgotten.

When we speak of brand legacy, this is above products and services. It is world-altering. These brands are willing to step on the scene to wake us and shake us up to realities we never knew we thirst for. They make history in the present and methodically plan how they will do so in the future. Innovation is not their word of the day, but instead, a lifestyle lived out daily.

A brand legacy isn't created overnight. This simple fact is indisputable. Though once born, it is essential to know it never arrives. Work continues as long as the brand is kicking, breathing, and alive. So, this is the task at hand. Paint the skies, from east to west, with the legacy that is your brand!


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