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You Are Enough

By Patricia Browne, CEO of The National Children’s Center (NCC)

Ten years ago, I decided to return to school in hopes of obtaining my Masters of Business Administration. On the first day of my class, one of my professors asked each of us to stand, introduce ourselves and give an explanation of why we were there. To this day, I don’t remember what I said, but I remember my Professor’s response. He said, “Oh Patricia Browne, so it’s all about you!” I remember feeling just a little bit uncomfortable but recognized that I am not a selfish person. I was raising a child, struggling with eldercare issues and trying to lead and develop people in the workplace. There was never time for me! I quickly moved from feeling selfish to a sense of pride for finally making the conscious decision to invest in me! I knew an investment in my education would yield tangible and non-tangible benefits, enabling me to be a better person, parent, child, wife, and leader. To be “my best self.”

To thine own self be true. KNOW and BELIEVE that YOU are enough! Embrace your gifts. Surround yourself with those who have gifts you do not possess and lead your team. You do not have to know it all and don’t be afraid to acknowledge that by asking questions. Understand that your most difficult challenges are only opportunities to grow and that you WILL GROW through what you GO through. Every ending just makes way for new and amazing beginnings – beginnings that you never imagined! For me, it is being the President and Chief Executive Officer of one of the largest, non-governmental providers of disability services in the Washington Metropolitan area. Use the gifts that are YOUR gifts and only yours, be authentic, be resilient and believe in YOU. Live a life of service, make a difference in the lives of others.

You are ENOUGH!

Under Patricia's leadership, NCC continues to lead and make significant contributions in the district to "provide a lifetime of opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities" and advocates for their full integration into all aspects of life in the community. As a tireless and passionate advocate for children and adults, Patricia has become a leading and respected voice on public policy and funding for NCC. She brings a rare and vital combination of "head and heart" to NCC.

Patricia Browne CEO of The National Children’s Center (NCC)


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