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Aimlessly Wandering

The ability to aimlessly wander in today’s world is a luxury. Most of us are slaves to the structure of our lives, our daily schedules, and calendar reminders pinging us for our next appointment or meeting.

We often fantasize about a no-pressure life, but people who get into that lifestyle quickly find a way out because it is human nature to seek out purpose. More so today, people are choosing not to retire because they enjoy the idea of having something to strive towards, an end-goal, a passion that makes them feel alive!

Similarly, marketing is the structure and purpose behind driving exposure for companies. Without marketing, you end up aimlessly wandering the wonderland of business, hoping to get noticed by happen-stance. Usually, when people go into business, they’re doing so to drive a mission forward towards profitable-gain. It’s a very purpose-filled decision. They’ve found something that excites their passion. They want to engage in that appetite to make it the best it can be and carve out success for themselves.

Let’s say I decide to take a day-trip to an unfamiliar destination. Am I going to expect to get there without directions? Most likely not. Back in the day before GPS, you’d use a map to help you. Now, we have the convenience of our smartphones to direct us there. Either way, there’s a tool to help you reach your destination.

Marketing is the GPS for your business. It’s a tracking strategy for creating awareness of your brand with your targeted audience. You map out who you’re aiming to do business with and the best tactics for reaching that audience. Without that navigation tool, your brand can come across confusing, watered-down, and uninteresting. You may take some unexpected detours and end up wasting precious time and money.

A specified marketing strategy is the best direction for creating awareness with your audience. The most successful companies are always equipped with a thorough, strategically mapped-out marketing plan.

2020 is quickly approaching! Aimlessly wander no more. Get to planning!


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