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Finding the Words

At THuS Marketing, we consider ourselves a content marketing house. We are always looking for the best ways and practices to approach producing content. It's not enough to just pick a topic, do some research, and give your synopsis on what you've discovered. Creating content is something that requires strategy and art.

When you find yourself stumped on where to go with a piece of content, don't let this scare you away. We promise. You have all that you need.

Begin with self. Personalization is key to discovering an angle that works from your point-of-view. It is when we can apply generic tips, advice, or antidotes to our unique point-of-view that it suddenly becomes an ingredient to our secret content sauce.

Think about when you cook up a great spaghetti sauce. You have your tomato. This veggie alone makes your dish just like any others out there. However, when you add in your personal touch of seasonings, meats, and vegetables, your sauce suddenly comes to life. The fresher the ingredients, the better.

Now your family is begging for your one of a kind spaghetti. The same concept applies to content marketing. If you personalize your content ingredients with a fresh, innovative approach, you're sure to cook up something flavorful and exciting, leading your audience craving for more.

How do you begin to apply components to your content that leave folks begging for it? In the article, "Six Content Marketing Tips That Will Give You An Aha Moment," Amanda Milligan provides some guidance all of us communication lovers could use.

Never leave a presentation empty-handed. Milligan suggests writing down one main takeaway from each talk or article. This technique can be incredibly helpful in filtering through all the noise of best approaches to content.

Speaking of noise, another point Milligan makes is to break through your turbulence. Meaning, zero in on what topics mean the most to your brand and audience. Be sure to review your content regularly to make sure that what you're saying isn't becoming redundant. The best material is going to be what speaks to your brand's point-of-view and relates to your listeners.

Being relatable is another essential factor for successful content. Human relationships form because people connect, find a spark. When there's trouble relating to someone, there's usually trouble in those relationships. It's a natural inclination for humans to be most interested in what makes each other stand out, but also what makes us similar.

In the Content Marketing Institute's article, Milligan points to "likeability" as an attraction point for your audience. Well, what allows us to be "likable" through a screen or tangible written piece? When the content strikes an emotional chord with the audience, then you've got their attention. Listening or reading something challenging to relate to is going to push people away. Your goal is to have your audience shouting, "ditto."

When it comes to shaping your unique content point-of-view, there are a lot of potential factors to consider. You never want to settle for subpar content, because whatever you chose to communicate is going to speak volumes about your organization, your approach, your wits, and your audience.

Create wisely!


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