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Innovate Beyond Sight

Innovation is not a new concept. All innovation is, is a new idea or way of doing things that is so disruptive that it changes our lives forever. Man has been inventing and innovating since the beginning of time. Vision beyond our very eyes was all we needed to do so.

Sight is limiting as our eyes struggle to decipher theory from reality. Vision, on the other hand, is different. It allows us to see a reality, not in existence today.

We can travel as far back as to the B.C.'s and find vision at work. Take the story of Noah's Ark. It is one of the most innovative accounts of the Bible.

Here was a man hearing a voice that no one else heard, telling him to prepare for something that no one during his time had ever seen - rain. Rain from the sky was coming and lots of it. Building a massive ark was going to be necessary to save a reminisce of what once was. Up until that time, rain wasn't a weather pattern encountered. There was no need for umbrellas because there was no such thing as rain. However, it was coming.

Noah took innovation by the horns and ran with it.

Think about it. With no past experience to go on or even scientific evidence to research, he built for something that not one single soul around him knew of or had seen with their eyes. Noah was given instructions to prepare for an unknown but life-changing future, and he figured it out. His world was changed forever!

How are you allowing vision to work for you? Rather than using your eyes to see, I recommend we begin using our ears to give us new sight.

Nona Phinn, President + Consultant of THuS Marketing dives deeper in her article featured on


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