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It’s Not Just Turning Lemons into Lemonade—It’s about Turning Losses into Wins

Virtual game nights, online happy hours, streaming movie girl hangouts, and Zoom dating is a small list of the digital connections that THuS's team members have engaged in since March. We have been finding new ways to fulfill our need for community and belonging while remaining distant.

The human spirit requires others. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs says we can not survive without it. So, when a pandemic comes along and tells us that the best thing we can do to protect ourselves is to stay far, far away from people, how do we live? The virus is absolutely a threat; there's no doubt about it, but so is isolation. So what's the answer?

As our blog stated last week, we look at the possibilities, instead of the losses. Life is still happening, so we must create ways to continue to live and progress forward. We find new ways to date, enjoy a movie with friends, and network with strangers.

Question for you. Is your mission still happening? Does the mission of your organization remain relevant today? Has this pandemic changed the vitality of what you do, and why you do it? If the answer is the mission still matters, how do you ensure to continue doing what you do best? What possibilities lie before you? How is your organization venturing to the never done before?

Here's an incredible example from one of our clients. This particular nonprofit relies on the generosity of others and has always been able to maintain that structure through fundraising. The year's big event is their beautiful gala that allows their supporters to gather for one night to celebrate past accomplishments while acknowledging the expectation of future achievements.

Obviously, this gala can not take place. There are two choices here. They can throw in the towel and accept that there will be a great hit on the organization's funding, causing them to rethink the years ahead. Or, they can do what they have never done, finding a new way to bring their supporters together. Can you guess which road they chose?

They decided that the gala must go on! In partnership with a restaurant, this nonprofit provided a gala experience for their constituents; they won't soon forget. Attendees preordered a three-course gourmet meal delivered to their home. Names of gala guests who placed an order were entered into raffles. As with any gala, sponsors provided raffle prizes and took advantage of a discounted rate on their dinner order. On the night of the gala, meals arrived, attendees dressed up, and all tuned in to the program presented virtually.

Wala! The show must and has gone on. May we say, the turn out for this gala exceeded our client's expectations and surpassed previous years. All geographic constraints were removed, reaching new supporters. With borders not being an issue, we uncover new fans who love their mission and are passionate about the organization's work and impact on the world. This nonprofit just entered into their new possibility!

So what are we saying? Do not let what has been lost blur your vision of what is waiting to be won. Reinvent your norm as there are plenty of possibilities ahead!


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