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Left vs. Right

Wake up and smell the roses! You have finally found that special someone that lights up your world, your partner for life, your one true love. It's all sunshine and daisies for that first six months, maybe even a year! Nothing but laughs, cuddles, and finishing the other's sentences while gazing into each other's eyes. Oh, how we wish the honeymoon phase was an everlasting stage in relationships. How perfect would that be?

Unfortunately, perfection and reality are not always in absolute harmony. If there's real passion between you and your soulmate, then there is bound to be disagreement. How you navigate through these stormy waters is true love's test. Highly emotionally intelligent partners should have no problems working through the speed bumps. People like this tend to be able to empathize easily, seeing it from the other's perspective quicker and are more likely to engage in compromise and understanding.

Continuing on our journey of love between your organization and your fans, we bring to light a crucial factor that lies at the heart of all relationships — emotional quotient (EQ). Relationships are fueled by a connection that is motivated by emotion. When we understand the psychology behind this emotion, then we can deeply perceive how our audience feels and hear what they are communicating.

Diffen defines EQ as "an individual's ability to identify, evaluate, control, and express emotions." Emotions are internal feelings generated by the release of certain chemicals in our brains. Sometimes they are spot on, while other times, we should probably engage in some deep breathing before diving in. Nonetheless, take notice that the definition of EQ isn't just pointing towards identifying and expressing emotions, but also evaluating and controlling them.

In contrast, the intelligent quotient (IQ) is defined as the "ability to learn, understand and apply information to skills, logical reasoning, word comprehension, math skills, abstract and spatial thinking, to filter irrelevant information."

Two completely different concepts, but both very essential for great relationships in business. It's a case of left brain versus right brain, analytical versus creative. When marketing can combine both, magic happens.

Natural born leaders are the perfect icons to look to when it comes to exceptionally balanced EQ and IQ, like Martin Luther King, Jr. His vision contained a level of intellect, life experience, and compassion that drove him to change the world for all people. Without his utopian perception being a reality during his time, he was able to lead our great nation towards equality for all.

Leaders' IQ delivers a level of intelligence that allows them to be strategic and tactical for accomplishing their mission. Their EQ is what helps them be dynamic and creative within the execution process. When these two aspects collaborate, you have a recipe for extraordinary production and success.

The honeymoon phase will wear off. So, what's going to keep the connection alive between your organization and its patrons when it does? Will that first speed bump result in a membership break up or makeup?

In these past three weeks, we've spotlighted chemistry, trust, and now EQ as fundamentals for lasting marketing relationships. We leave you with this question: Is your marketing motivated by IQ or EQ? Maybe a little of both...


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