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Nurture Your Roots by Revisiting Mission and Vision

At certain points throughout the year organizations devote time to pondering the actions and decisions that brought them to where they stand today. Holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries tend to be the choice occasions for these meditations. As we leave the holiday season and enter a new year, we have all—no doubt—engaged in much thought about times gone by.

For THuS Marketing, the ceremonial contemplation didn’t end after Christmas and New Year’s. With our fifth birthday just two weeks away, we’re thinking deeply about the past, dissecting our successes and the stories behind them, and using this information to guide our path forward. We’re considering who THuS was, who she is, and who she will be.

We've seen the significance of asking questions like, “Where did we come from?” and “How did we get here?” We’ve also recently realized the trap of only asking these questions at pivotal moments rather than letting them guide our actions all year long. It’s a pitfall that many fall victim to. We let our mission and vision become acquaintances we only visit on anniversaries and holidays. Consequently, the purpose behind our organization’s become a fond, distant memory.

Year five is the wood anniversary, so THuS Marketing will be looking to the trees for inspiration as we work towards growth. Without its roots, a mighty oak tumbles. This year we are honoring our roots and tending to our past to anchor ourselves further as we stretch upward. Our history will guide us into our future as we visit past successes and errors to teach us the way forward.

In 2018, our founder Nona Phinn established THuS Marketing as a promise to help associations see their missions fulfilled. Having gained most of her marketing experience in the association space, she knew firsthand the struggle these organizations face when attempting to own their brand and reach their target audiences. She founded a firm to partner with these associations—to plant herself shoulder to shoulder with clients, fighting for missions fulfilled.

Her goal with THuS Marketing was—and is—to empower associations to connect with their audiences by bolstering their organization’s brand identity and teaching them to effectively communicate value. THuS stands for The Human Side of Marketing, a motto and philosophy that allows us to view every touchpoint as a relationship builder rather than a transaction.

If our team were to lose sight of our history or the meaning behind our name, we’d lose the anchor tethering us to where we were planted. We’d risk shriveling or falling during the next wind storm. Our mission is what keeps us grounded. Our vision is the map that guides us as we grow. By only revisiting these statements periodically, our team would become disjointed and unfocused. We would hinder ourselves and the organizations we swore to support.

When associations leave their purpose and history on the sidelines, they lose their power to fortify the community they pledged to embrace. They also relinquish understanding their own value and what they contribute to that community. Without this awareness, communication fails. Organizations struggle to share what they add to the world they serve.

For five years, we have proudly partnered with organizations in need of help rediscovering their value. We know it’s not always easy to stay laser-focused when the world is constantly throwing us curve balls. Find time each day to remind yourself and your team why you were planted and how you hope to grow.

Need help nurturing your roots? Connect with us for a free consultation or follow the blog for more recommendations on the kind of Miracle Gro® your organization needs to reach great heights!


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