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The Bold, the Brave, the Beautiful: The Courage to Find Your Voice and Use It!

Who are you?

Three words, nine letters, and one question that drives the choices that we, as individuals, make. Sometimes we’re conscious of the role this question plays in our decision-making, and other times its impact is more subconscious. It influences what we do, from how we introduce ourselves as school kids to the persona we take on at our workplaces, shaping our reactions as well.

In many ways, the core of how we answer this question is the tool we use to respond: our voice.

Your voice influences how you choose to interact with others, share your passions, and introduce yourself—all of which are instrumental factors in developing connections and sharing your identity with others. It’s an invaluable component of who you are.

This doesn’t only apply to individuals. Businesses, associations, and organizations alike. In growing your community of audience members, it’s vital for companies to showcase who they are. And while as people, we have our individual voices, for organizations, the heart of how you answer this question is your brand voice.

Your brand voice includes what you say and how you say it. It guides your marketing strategy, the spoken and unspoken messages in your content, and your overall communication style.

In business no matter what sector or field you’re in, having a distinct, memorable brand voice can make the difference between standing out and blending in. It’s what makes you unique in your audience's eyes and can be the deciding factor between a passing by connection or an eternal fan.

Take Nike, for example. When you see their content, there is no doubt who the creators are. Over the years, their voice is so developed and crafted that whether it's a photo, video, ad, or storefront, you're able to identify them amongst the crowd. Every organization should strive for this.

At this point, you may be wondering if a developed brand voice is so instrumental to success, why doesn’t every business have one? Well, it is simple. Every business does, but not everyone has tapped into the full potential and power behind their distinct voice.

Developing your brand voice is essential, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, organizations can fall into habits and develop routines without realizing it. When this happens, your brand voice becomes molded around what you’re comfortable with and what you feel works in your industry. Can you be successful this way? Maybe. But, ask yourself this: Would you rather your organization stick to the status quo and fit in, or would you prefer your organization become the ‘Nike’ of your industry, possessing a brand voice so powerful that the world immediately knows it’s you?

There’s no denying that breaking from the norm can be intimidating, especially when you’re already experiencing some level of success. Plus, creating and implementing your standout brand voice will require more of you. But taking that leap of faith and stride of courage in pursuit of your authentic brand voice is valuable beyond belief in the impact it will bring to your organization.

As January winds down, move forward with conviction in who you are as an organization and embrace your brand voice. Allow your unmatched voice to guide you through 2021, help you create connections that support your mission, and share all the special services and characteristics that define who you are as an organization.


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