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The Hall of Marketing Love

We determined last week that marketing indeed loves us. Though we can't always tell purely by looking with our eyes or measuring marketing's affection for us through her actions, we can conclude that love lives here.

A vital question, however, remains, "What's love got to do with it?" Maybe we need more than love. Though it exists, the words that crafted this award-winning song invites us to take a second look. Is love enough?

Let's note that the best relationships challenge us to be better, strive for greater, and pulls out the best parts of us. Clearly, no partnership is perfect or without its bumps, but the ones worth fighting for are the ones that allow us to elevate everyone involved. So, let's take a deeper look. Is our relationship with marketing one that is growing us into better versions of ourselves? In turn, are we doing the same for her?

We determined that marketing is a little high maintenance. She likes the finer things in life, making the relationship a bit and at times extremely costly. She's not always easy to please, yet requires all of our heart to create an unbreakable commitment. Marketing wants our creativity to keep things fresh. She demands our grit and gut as she expects us to take risks with her and leap even when we aren't sure there will be a safe landing.

So with all of these high standards and challenging expectations, what do our organizations gain from giving away so much? Is this relationship based on more than love? Are we both getting what we need and growing from it?

There are a few eyewitnesses that say yes. Several businesses would indeed tell us that this is one relationship that is well worth it! Let's review a few and see if they can sway us completely.

"Every kiss begins with..." You know the rest. Kay! Not only is this statement grammatically correct, but it became a business changing slogan for the retailer. The phrase was born in 1985, and over three decades later, it not only identifies this particular gem of a brand but is many times quoted when referencing all diamonds. Kay jewels are not. We can't help but have this jeweler top of mind.

The ALS Association dared us in 2014 to an ice bucket challenge that raised over $115 million. The association took to social media kicking off the challenge with pro golfer Chris Kennedy. The first challenge was to his cousin-in-law, Jeanette Senerchia, whose husband had ALS. Others who suffered from the disease quickly began accepting the challenge, and the "you're it" phenomena took off from there. The association not only fundraised to no end, but they also informed us all of ALS and brought greater awareness to how to combat the life-threatening disorder.

Apple used one Super Bowl ad in 1984 to introduce us to what was to come—technology that would change the game forever. The company's most famous commercial set us all up for an endless ride of innovation and brilliance. If you weren't there, we have it. Need we say more?

Here's one more witness we just have to include. Apparently, the '80s was the year of transformative marketing. 1988 is a landmark for one company's history. $800 million in sales grew to over $2 billion within 10 years, all because of the love between this brand and marketing. Nike unveiled to the world "Just Do It," and we haven't been able to stop doing it since. Today, we anticipate the moments and inspirations when this iconic brand takes time to drive and motivate us to keep going! Love them or hate them, there is no denying they have made their relationship with marketing work.

Listen, there are so many who can testify to the value and treasure their relationship with marketing brings. You will gain, and you will grow if you hang in there with her. She has much to offer you, don't quit on her before marketing has a chance to show you all you can be with her.

She is undoubtedly worth it!


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