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The Powers of Marketing

Who is your favorite superhero? Batman? Spider-Man? Those are fine answers, but neither compares to our fan fav: Marketing. Superman is faster than a speeding bullet, and Thor can summon lightning, but Marketing makes change happen⁠—without demolishing cities. Her superpowers allow her to do almost anything.

She is a leader, a listener, a change agent , and she’s here to use her powers to help your organization achieve success!


The powers of Marketing let our superhero shoot with precision and accuracy. You might even say she gives legendary archers Legolas, Hawkeye, and Katniss a run for their money. With her target in sight, she pulls back her bowstring, preparing a surefire strategy before letting her arrow soar. Her preparation, aim, and understanding of the atmosphere around her ensure that she will always strike her mark. But before she nocks her arrow, she needs to know where to aim.

To find the right target, she reviews her mission. What is her purpose in the field? What problem is she trying to solve? She recommends everyone know the answers to these questions before firing their shot. Take Note: Every marketing campaign and plan needs to link back to your organization’s overall objective if you want to guarantee a win.

Your target audience should also be seeded within your mission statement. Who is it you’re most strategically positioned to help, and who is it you’re trying to reach? You may think the answers are easy to delineate, but supervillain Identity Crisis will try to thwart your plans and make it difficult to decipher your own strengths.

Don’t let him win! He wants to muddle your messaging and discourage you by camouflaging your goals. Marketing can help you fight him, but it’s your responsibility to establish your brand’s positioning and define your reason for existing. Then, Marketing will be able to identify your goals and define your target audience. She’ll know where to keep her eye as she pulls back the bowstring, always aiming true.

To shoot like Marketing, you must know your brand, know your intended audience, and understand which way turbulent market trends might try to blow your arrow.


Marketing has a supernatural vision that allows her to aim at the right targets and avoid unforeseen obstacles. With this power, she can see through both walls and time. If your strategy has ever been run off the road by The Interrupter, Marketing is here to the rescue!

The Interrupter uses disruptions like world news and internal complications to cause your campaigns to fail or fizzle out. Nothing pleases him more than seeing an organization’s hopes dashed because their big event was overshadowed by chaos happening elsewhere.

He’s skilled at taking organizations by surprise and foiling their plans when they least expect it. But Marketing can fight him off. Because of her clairvoyance, she knows to expect the unexpected and always to have a backup plan.

Marketing can help you see the future to avoid pitfalls The Interrupter uses to try to trip you up. Take stock of current events and allow them to guide you in your decisions for the future. Understand how the market arrived at where it is today and the possibilities for where it could head tomorrow. Read our recent article on the history of marketing to catch a glimpse of the future we see. These are Marketing’s tips for foresight, but she warns that no one can see all the ways The Interrupter may disrupt your efforts.

Always have a backup plan and be willing to pivot.


Marketing knows the importance of flexibility. Not only does it help her take on The Interrupter when he manages to surprise her, it also helps her connect brands with their audiences and with other brands or influencers. She can flex and stretch to build bridges where they weren’t before.

Daily, countless villains attempt to keep brands isolated and muzzled. Even Marketing was once marooned by her nemeses, but she used her elastic strength to reach nearby islands and make connections. Those connections worked together to get her back to the mainland, where she could continue taking on her opponents.

Our superhero wants to remind you that you are never alone and always have a way to reach your intended audience. Sometimes you may need to get a little creative, while at other times, you may need outside help. Regardless, your audience and goals are always within arms reach. You just have to remain flexible.

With her powers, Marketing can change tides and move mountains. Many have tried their best to bring her down and take advantage of her powers, but she’ll never let the bad guys win. They will never stop her from building personal connections between brands and their audiences and making the world a better place.

How have you seen the incredible forces of Marketing protect and save your organization? Comment below or connect with us to discuss!


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