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We Give Thanks For a New Dawn Arise

As a firm serving the association and nonprofit industry, THuS Marketing's look back on the last 20 months rings with a colossal surge of gratitude. We could not have been more proud of the industry as a whole. The tenacity and grit exuberated from the sector are invigorating and inspiring. The staying power flexed from the many organizations in this space is a thing to marvel.

A principal reason we, as a firm, select to work with associations and nonprofits boils down to the mission. Their purpose always constitutes the making of a smarter, better, and safer world. The goal of these organizations is to elicit change. The kind of change that transforms us into a healthier and stronger tomorrow. Their missions give us glimpses into a brighter future, empowered lives, and a vibrant universe. A pandemic that threatened all these things was no time for the industry to falter and call it quits.

Not only did the sector proceed forward, but it advanced and progressed along the way. Understanding what the nonprofit industry means to our societies, professions, and communities, they took the bull by the horn and rode him to wins after wins. It was a vision to behold, and we are thankful for the front row seats we had not only to watch but to become active participants in the feat.

Our team worked with some incredible associations and nonprofits during these wavery times. We partnered with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), which spent its days and nights working for weary, yet determined math educators. Teachers faced producing and navigating a learning environment they were never prepared to create. Learning had to continue, and everyone looked to them to make it happen. And this wasn't the only responsibility weighing on their shoulders. The need to rethink the "learning environment" exposed the inequity that resided secretly in the classrooms and could no longer go unnoticed or ignored.

NCTM raced to the drawing board, vowing to become a resource and a solution for mathematics educators. Boy, did they do just that. Professional development content had to be reworked, decades of event planning rules rewritten, and content delivery revised. Like so many associations, NCTM needed to be there for their members and industry by reaching them in the safest way and place possible—their homes. They accomplished this through a first for them, a virtual conference made for 1,500 attendees. In the end, NCTM had to make room at the table for over double that amount. We are so thankful to have been an instrumental vehicle encouraging their guests to take part.

Plans were overhauled entirely for the first time in our three-year relationship with the Point-of-Care Ultrasound Certification Academy (POCUS Certification Academy). THuS Marketing was geared up to execute on the next two months out in front of us. It was flushed out and ready to go. Just like that, breaking news. POCUS, the pocket-sized imagining modality, was becoming a formidable weapon in the fight against COVID. Our team quickly altered and adapted the communications strategy to leverage the new awareness and attention notarizing the mission of the POCUS Certification Academy.

The medical community was now "woke" like never before to the tremendous impact of this hand-held device. We are so proud of the growth and partnerships the POCUS Certification Academy has cultivated by riding this enormous awareness wave. Additionally, we are so grateful to have played a role.

Twenty months ago, the world demanded associations and nonprofits to implement change if they were going to remain credible and reliable to the communities and members they serve. It was no longer a suggestion or even a choice. A must, a have to, and a now came with the terms. Leaders in the sector rose and stood. They did not back down or succumb to fear. They met force with innovation and transformation. They stopped holding their breaths for a dusk settling day and forever declared a new day had come! For this, we at THuS Marketing are eternally thankful!


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