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When Does Knowledge Transform Into Power?

THuS Marketing isn't only a firm that delivers outstanding marketing and communications services. We are also dedicated to teaching and helping our clients understand the complexities and nuances of marketing. It is no secret that the field we have mastered expertise within comprises numerous and board-ranging faucets. Due to layers of intricacies involved, marketing and communications can leave the novice bewildered, lost, and in a cloud of daze.

This confusion leads to diminished value. When we don't understand the impact and importance of a particular subject matter, we tend to lessen its worth. This leads to underutilization and missed opportunities, resulting in untapped potential. The last thing that any of us wants is to leave anything on the table or walk past open doors guiding us to unimaginable outcomes. Yet, it happens regularly, simply driven by ignorance or a vast shadow of unknowns.

If knowledge is power, then opportunity is the gateway to seeing what that power can actually do. Elsa, the Queen of Arendelle, had no idea what her frozen force was capable of until she unleashed its full capacity and ability. She was aware she housed ice within her veins, but not until the opportunity to release it completely did she understand its undeniable impact. Like the queen, our team seeks to turn knowledge into understanding and understanding into opportunities to watch our clients wreak havoc (in the best way possible, of course) within their industry, business, and ultimately the universe.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founder and mastermind behind the Special Olympics, also appreciated this concept. She saw the mistreatment of people and children with intellectual disabilities and was able to see past our restricted vision to realize that untapped potential resides here. When we could only see a disorder or condition and misconstrued its meaning, Shriver detected power and intellect yet to be defined. She fought, advocated, and pioneered rights and acceptance for people with intellectual disabilities, and it paid off.

Through knowledge, understanding, and opportunity, Shriver was able to display to us all the champions embedded within a group of misunderstood individuals who indeed colored our world. It began with summer day camps in her backyard. Shriver invited young people with disabilities to explore their sports and physical activity skills. By 1968, Camp Shriver's 1962 concept transformed into the International Special Olympics Games. In her inaugural remarks, Shriver reiterated, "through sports, they [children with disabilities] can realize their potential for growth."

Today, what was launched in one woman's backyard as a catalyst for moving from knowledge to understanding that created opportunity, is now an international force that serves more than six million people with intellectual disabilities in 200 countries. She created space and provided a place that allowed us to experience power through our limited scope and cognizance.

Listen, just because you don't quite get it doesn't mean there isn't something more. As we tell our clients, be open to the possibility to learn and clarify what is questionable. Give effort to discovering the jewels that lie in misconceptions, for you will never come to realize all that it has to offer. Knowledge is power, only if you understand how to use it to create opportunities to show the world what it's worth!


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